I am a former Special Forces soldier, loving husband, father of three beautiful children, and the author of The Asset Mindset.

Through my life, I developed and created The Asset Mindset philosophy to create success in life. How did I do this and why do I believe so strongly in The Asset Mindset? Well, I was born in the mid-1970s and grew up learning about life day-to-day, and year-by-year through my experiences. As I aged, I didn’t realize during these life experiences that I was learning and creating a certain mindset. I started to notice themes in life and in myself that led to great success.

I have overcome great challenges achieving goals that many others would believe were impossible. While in my teens, I won multiple martial art tournaments which included two National Championships without even realizing I was using The Asset Mindset at the time.

Later, I became a US Army soldier and one of the very few to become an elite Special Forces Green Beret. Even after leaving the Special Forces, I found myself in surreal situations working for and befriending celebrities thanks to The Asset Mindset. I have been fortunate to travel the world making so many of my different dreams come true. Some of these dreams I would have also deemed impossible if it was not for the positivity of The Asset Mindset.

We all build and create our mindsets either positively or negatively and continue to do so throughout our lives. The Asset Mindset is the positive means that I have chosen to share with others to help them to achieve success in their lives.