The Asset Mindset

The Asset Mindset

Own the Power

Your mind is your greatest asset.

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About the Book

The Asset Mindset is a personal development book for people who want to change their thought processes and their life situations so they can obtain elite levels of success.

In a thought-provoking and mentally engaging how-to guide, Daniel Fielding delivers 12 chapters of self-awareness, self-manifestation, and personal development, helping you to:

  • Discover and change any negative mindsets and behaviors that stop you from achieving the success you desire.
  • Build a mindset you will be proud to live with, and start creating positive changes today!
  • Turn yourself into an elite level asset, the kind that overcomes any obstacle that life may throw at you.

After reading The Asset Mindset, you will understand how your mindset and thinking creates the person you are and want to be. It teaches you to take ownership of your life, to change your life, and how your mindset enables you to create the success really you want.

Genre: Motivational Self-Help
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Year: 2023
ISBN: 1649693141
List Price: 14.99
eBook Price: 5.99
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